Are We Entering an Age of Integration?

The phrase  “systems integration project ” still strikes fear in the heart of many a CIO. Given some past experiences this is understandable. With the introduction of web-based – hosted applications with varied, cheap, and easy to use software, the ability to avoid integration projects may be impossible.

The amount of software and functionality being delivered via the web is continuing to change the client expectations. Here are just a few examples that are industry changers:

–          Mobile applications

–          BPM (Business Process Management)

–          Social Media

Just the thought of taking existing legacy applications, developing strategies, building tactical plans, and implementing any of the above seems like a daunting task. But that is exactly what may be expected going forward. Unless the legacy data can be made available and integrated with the new software paradigm, the positive impacts to the business and clients will remain elusive. At Oakbrook, we are committed to supporting our clients efforts to embrace and leverage new software via successful integration efforts.

Contributing author: Craig Cook, President

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Oakbrook Solutions delivers consulting services and business process management solutions (WealthWorx®) focused on the system, process, and change initiatives occurring in Wealth Management. Oakbrook leverages expertise in strategic consulting, project management, business analysis, and operations support to increase our customer’s competitiveness and profitability through optimizing their use of talent and technology.

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